The main aim of my teaching is to work with conscious effort at developing a living yoga practice. One that enables a balanced life, develop confidence and strength within both mind and body. My teaching is intuitive and in keeping with the quality of the daily energy.

I have 30 years teaching experience and work sensitively with injuries and health issues.

Trained, qualified and insured with The British Wheel of Yoga

I will take you on a journey with yoga postures and breath work. Depending on how you feel on the day the session with me might be restorative or it might be more dynamic, possibly a bit of both.

Along with teaching you yoga postures and sequences I will offer advice on correcting posture and daily habits that impact on our body. I will show you how this relates to everyday life.

My aim is to encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

I live in London and hang out in nature and generally enjoy myself with my friends and family doing what everyone else does. I love to eat well and sleep well, I love to laugh, go to the movies, watch TV, see art and travel.


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Need help finding sleep?

1:1 coaching for Finding Sleep

For anyone who is having trouble sleeping. Either habitual poor sleep patterns or coping with underlaying anxiety and stress.


You will start with a seven day sleep diary and continue to use the diary to monitor and observe changes in your sleep.

Explore and define what is your relationship with sleep.
Create positive sleep intentions.
Breath work for sleep.
How mindfulness helps you find sleep.
Pre Sleep exercises.
Sleep meditations.

You will also learn the value and importance of sleep, the positive effects of mindfulness and why this helps with sleep.


6 1:1  sessions (60 mins)


Some breath work, physical work, gentle movements to ease out your day and a sleep practice lasting 20 minutes.

Time to discuss personal insights and progress and why a great relationship with sleep will improve your whole life.

I look forward to helping you to Find Sleep


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